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Makoran Mining and Trading Specialized Group

Utilizing technical knowledge, sufficient experience and experienced experts and Mining consultant works completely privately The group ‘s core activities include mineral exploration and extraction Exploitation, processing and production, rade of minerals, investment And investment in minerals and mineral areas

Makran Holding with three decades of brilliant and purposeful activity in The path of development and completion of upstream and downstream chain industries The value of iron and steel plays an important role in the realization of steel production Through the transfer of technical knowledge and localization of modern sciences Also having executive and operational records in the field of exploration Mining, processing and trading of minerals and use of experts Expert with more than two decades of experience in the country’s chromite mines High technical knowledge to explore different chromite deposits With different characteristics of geology and mineralization by methods Geophysical, geochemical, study of specific earth properties Cognitive and remote sensing studies and processing of satellite images It also has practical experiences in the field of extraction Optimal, especially in underground methods and at your disposal Experts and factories for the production of industrial machinery from High ability in processing and upgrading chromite stone Is productive

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Continuous commercial activity of metal ores in the country And the existence of commercial offices in a number of Asian countries and Oceania is one of the company’s capabilities in the field of business Minerals.