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Index designs

Indicative designs:

• Feasibility   study  of  separation  of  gold  cyanide  complexes from activated  carbon  using  conventional sugar-containing alloys. • Investigation and optimization of factors affecting the  processing plant circuit. 

• Feasibility  study  of  gallon  and barite  extraction   from  coarse-grained (jig) and  fine-grained (flotation) tailings.

 • Extraction   of    Vanadium   and    Titanium    from   Magnetic  Iron   Concentrate  on   a  Laboratory   Scale 

• Improvement  of  low-grade  zinc ores  in order to  solve operational problems.

 • Leaching and filtration and the possibility of using  them as feed for zinc factories.

 • Production of magnesia with a  high grade  of 95%  of low-grade magnesite sources and dolomite. 

• Synthesis of zero nanoparticles of iron with a pilot  scale and  implementation  of a s emi-industrial  water  treatment pilot using these nanoparticles. 

• Investigating the possibility of setting up a tailings  washing unit to  process the coal in  the tailings of East  Alborz Coal Washing Plant on  a pilot scale.

 • Feasibility  study  of  producing   concentrate  with  iron grade 67% of placer ore with grade 4% iron. 

• Design   and      manufacture    of     mineral    grade  determination  device  online   in  mineral   processing  factories for use in the control department. 

• Placer gold recovery. 

• Optimization    of   self -breaking    and  semi -self- breaking Asia in mineral processing  plants to  reduce  energy consumption using an  intelligent system  and  continuous mineral granulation analyzer. 

• Optimization, quality improvement and increasing  efficiency    of    industrial    filters    with   nanocoating  technology. • Feasibility study of Semirom kaolin  processing  for the production of kaolin coating and filler in accordance  with the standards required by the paper industry. 

• Increasing the  efficiency  of  Tabas  Coal  Washing  Plant by recovering coal particles in flotation cells 

• Optimization   of   classification ,  estimation   and  modeling of vein reserves. 

 • Processing of placer gold ores

 • Large-scale processing of gold ores and presentation  of flowchains for factory pilot design

 • Processing of placer iron ore up  to  67%  on  a  pilot  scale and providing flowchain for plant design for mining  projects